Zatman Lectures

The Zatman lecture is given at each biennial SEDI meeting by a prominent young scientist who has done outstanding work on core dynamics. Stephen Zatman was himself a prominent young scientist who studied core dynamics, and whose life was tragically cut short.

Year Lecturer Title
2004 R. Holme Secular variation and flow in the core
2006 J. Aurnou Scaling behavior in planetary core dynamics
2008 M. Dumberry Geodetic constraints on core dynamics and core-mantle interactions
2010 J. Roberts Effects of giant impacts on the mantles and cores of Mars and Mercury
2012 N. Gillet Stochastic core flow reconstruction over the observatory era
2014 J. Mound Geomagnetic implications of inner core translation
2016 A. Fournier Force balance and wave motion in Earth's core
2018 H. Lau Tidal Tomography: What an often-neglected phenomenon known as Earth tides can tell us about buoyancy in the deepest part of the mantle
2022 L. Cobden Locating the iron spin transition in the lower mantle with global adjoint tomography