Doornbos Memorial Prize

The Doornbos Memorial Prize is presented to a young scientist by the Committee on Studies of the Earth's Deep Interior (SEDI), in association with their biennial meetings, for outstanding work on the Earth's deep interior. It is given in honor of the Dutch seismologist, Durk Doornbos.


R. E. Cohen
R. Hollerbach
J. Tromp
R. van der Hilst
X. Song
S. Widiyantoro
D. Andrault
A. Tilgner
L. Vocadlo
M. Bergman
E. Dormy
I. Sumita
D. Alfe
R. Holme
S. Labrosse
A. Deuss
C. Farnetani
J. Aubert
J. Mound
N. Gillet
J. Hernlund
L. Li
M. Le Bars, for pionnering laboratory models of planetary mantle and core fluid dynamics
D. Shim, for systematic studies of mineral phase transformations and thermoelastic properties at high temperatures and pressures, with an emphasis on elucidating the role of the post-perovskite transformation in the deep mantle
J. Wookey, for innovative analysis of seismic data to reveal seismic anisotropic structure, with a view to constraining physical mechanisms of deformation and fabric formation in the Earth’s deep interior
R. Deguen, for his particularly innovative contributions to understanding the dynamics and evolution of the inner core and its interactions with the surrounding fluid.
C. Finlay, for theoretical and applied contributions to understanding the nature and source of the geodynamo secular variation, and unselfish cooperation in research.
N. Schmerr, for cross-disciplinary studies into the detailed natures of seismic discontinuities in the upper mantle, which give new views to mineralogical interpretation and their dynamical relationship with surface tectonic features of the Earth.
K. Ohta, for outstanding experimental studies on phase transitions, thermal and electrical conductivities of materials in the lowermost mantle at high temperatures and pressures, which constrain strongly the interpretation of the dynamics of the core-mantle boundary region.
B. Sreenivasan, for fundamental contributions to our understanding of vortex dynamics and magnetic field stability in dynamo system and applications to the Earth’s core.
C. Davies, for linking core dynamics to paleomagnetic observations and seminal work on the geophysical implications of deep earth diffusivities.
K. Hori, for novel studies of core physics, including the development of a new tool to give us an independent source of information about the geomagnetic field.
S. Tateno, for cutting edge experimental studies of the structure of deep Earth minerals made over the entire range of deep Earth conditions.
 P. Koelemeijer, for careful and broad analysis of body and normal mode seismic data, integrated with mineral physics to constrain the state and dynamics of the lowermost mantle. 

M. Landeau, for innovative laboratory experiments on core formation and for numerical dynamo models that link past history of the geomagnetic field to the evolution of the core. 

R. Nomura, for development and execution of high pressure experiments that improve our understanding of melting and deformation of Earth’s mantle and core. 



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