National Activities

A number of national SEDI groups have been organized with varying degrees of formality, including those in Canada, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Under the auspices of SEDI many of these groups have organized national scientific initiatives. Reports of these activities can be found in past issues of the Deep Earth Dialog.

SEDI has provided endorsements of several projects which were not initiated under the SEDI umbrella. These include an International Seismological Observing Period (ISOP), a period of organized global cooperation in observational seismology, involving both analog and digital stations, serving to provide arrival times, and possibly other data, from designated events. Intermagnet is a program of world-wide data exchange between geomagnetic observatories. Its goals are to (1) establish and maintain digital geo- magnetic observatories in remote areas; (2) standardize geomagnetic measuring and recording equipment and (3) establish a real-time world-wide data exchange using existing meteorological satellites.

There are two SEDI-related scientific groups within the United States. One is the American Geophysical Union SEDI focus group. The second, known as CSEDI, is a program organized through the NSF.
Other Activities

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