Organic Chemistry

Welcome to the webpage for CHEM 302—Organic Chemistry I, taught by Dr. David Myers. Stay tuned to this page for updates, which should be posted weekly (usually), and once every two weeks (worse case scenario).

24-August-2009: Just to get us started, here are the links to the course syllabus and the laboratory syllabus.

2-September-2009: We are almost done with Chapter 1, so here is Problem Set I for this chapter. Whilst there is no official due date, try to have it completed by 11-September-2009 for our (tentatively scheduled) recitation session.

15-September-2009: We have finished Chapter 2, and I have distributed Problem Set II, which I have also placed on E-Reserves, along with Problem Set I Answers. In addition, I have re-written the laboratory syllabus, making some minor changes, so here is the updated laboratory syllabus.


I also updated the course syllabus, and have put it here. Updated course syllabus.


21-October-2009: Since Exam I is past us now, here are Exam I Answers so you can have them from which to study for later exams.